CHIROPRACTIC manipulation & mobilization

Evaluating one’s alignment from a functional standpoint can help reduce the likelihood of athletic injuries, development of osteoarthritis, and muscular imbalances which may lead to pain and/or discomfort. Approaching one’s musculoskeletal conditions from a functional point of view can also help to improve overall function and performance. Dr. Ericson provides exceptional chiropractic care by addressing the whole person and finding the CAUSE of dysfunction and complaints to provide long term relief.


To achieve optimal health, one needs to exercise, eat well, and address the physical, emotional, and chemical stressors that our bodies are exposed to on an ongoing basis. By raising our bodies’ thresholds to stressors, we can dramatically impact the destructive nature that stress can have while decreasing our incidence of musculoskeletal injuries and the onset of disease processes.  In simple terms, little changes add up to big successes.  Every action you take in your life either moves you towards better health or closer towards dysfunction or disease.   Ensuring proper alignment and biomechanics is a key component to reducing the stress that impacts your body on a daily basis raising your baseline health potential leaving you feeling fantastic and less suspectible to poor health.  

Dr. Ericson practices a combination of gentle mobilization and spinal manipulation in combination with deep soft tissue and fascial release to ensure rapid and long lasting results.