Since Ancient Greece, athletes have used coaches to increase their focus and to provide support, structure, and ongoing accountability to prepare them to win competitions. More recently, high level executives have discovered that coaching has helped them create winning teams and enabled them to move to a higher level of effectiveness and profitability. Within the last 20 years, individuals have begun to realize the benefits of working with growth coaches which has resulted in an increasing number of organizations and individuals hiring coaches. We humans have a deep need to grow and develop, to actualize our potential, but we often cannot achieve it on our own. Coaches help people move from where they are to where they want to be – to realize their full potential.
Karen Malone - Personal Growth Coach

Karen attended the University of Southern Maine and is a recent graduate of ICA (International Coach Academy) from which she received the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation. Karen's CPC training goes hand-in-hand with her life-long background in and commitment to personal fitness and nutrition with the greater focus on the mind-body connection. She guides and supports clients as they explore ways to better nutrition, stress-reduction, relaxation and overall improved vitality. Karen is also the owner of Core Fitness Maine which she founded in 2004. She currently serves on the Board of the Cromwell Center (disability awareness to children, teachers and families).