Dr. Casey Ericson, Owner/Chiropractor/Fitness Trainer

Balancing movement is the key to Dr. Ericson's treatment approach. Whether treating competitive athletes, weekend warriors or the emphasis of care is placed on the movement of one's kinetic chain. The principle of the kinetic chain is simple: healthy joints move like the ocean, initiating a movement creates a ripple effect that flows to neighboring joints.  This spread of movement allows your body to share the workload and decrease the wear and tear on one pinpoint region decreasing risk of injury, degenerative processes and even worse poor performance.  


By coupling her background in Kinesiology (Science of the Body), a passion for anatomy, posture, and proper alignment, as well as, her life long love of sports she is able to help people apply basic human mechanical principles to correct and heal injuries and avoid reinjury.  She is constantly searching for the WHY's and HOW's someone is injuring their body versus simply focusing on the what.  


One of Dr. Ericson's goals is to teach people to treat their bodies like they would a car and recognize that everyone needs education on how to operate it (at least cars come with manuals), care for it, and fuel it to ensure best health.  A functional whole body approach to living and performing at your optimal is the only way to ensure you live a long physically rich life.  By teaching patients enhanced functional awareness, Dr. Ericson strives to have her patients challenge themselves to make each individual movement in their life their own personalized physical therapy.

Joan Lavery-McLaughlin - Reg. Dietitian/ Reg. Nutritionist

Joanie has been involved in food and nutrition for the past twenty years. Before earning her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nutrition and becoming a R.D. she worked as a professional chef. Her extensive culinary background combines perfectly with her passion for nutrition, sports, and healthy living to provide clients with a well balanced approach to healthy eating and performing at your best. Joan specializes in counseling and educating clients in such areas as triathalon fueling, wellness, holistic nutrition, weight loss, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal disorders and lifestyle related illnesses. A key area of interest for Joan is the role of nutrients in the prevention and treatment of disease. In addition to counseling patients in this private setting, Joan works as an Oncology Dietitian at Mercy Hospital in Portland.